I am a freelance graphic designer living in Scheveningen, a part of The Hague, in The Netherlands. Mostly working from my attic apartment (on former dunes), but also exploring the neighbourhood coffee shops, or beach, for a little change of scenery.

During and after finishing my studies I learned from different teachers and people. I like change and diversity more than anything. After experiencing working for agencies fulltime, I now put my energy in building up my own brand. I focus on diverse graphic design projects with preference for print design.

My life experience mainly began working as a ski and snowboard instructor when I was 18. The mountains became my second home and I still love to go back, for teaching and sniffing that crisp mountain air. After my first season I started traveling, studied partly in Finland and did my internship at a design studio in Sweden.

Eager to learn and explore, I hope to create work for many different companies and purposes (around the world). In the hope to combine my love for traveling and exploring with my work as a graphic designer.

I saw a video of Jedidiah Jenkins five years ago. He says:

I want to choose the adventures I go on and I want to choose a mind and a soul that’s wide awake.

Among other, wise words. And I think that is a good philosophy.

I love to meet people and explore possibilities. So wherever you are and whatever you’re interested in – if it’s design-related, I’d love to talk!